Dramatic Play Essay

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Dramatic / Imaginary Play Resources Report As I have learnt through TAFE, the early years of childhood is the most vital part in the child’s life to learn everything, try out new tasks and learn how to socialize with others. These important tasks are learnt through play and exploring the environment. Young children learn by imagining and doing things as they play throughout the day. Pretend/Imaginary play is an important for children’s social and emotional development as they learn how to take turns, share, interact with others and how to problem solve. According to “ Importance of Pretend play/ Scholastic.com” Imaginary play builds language skills, cognitive skills and social and emotional skills. Toddlers enjoys dramatic play as they love feeding the baby, cooking dinner or cooking in the kitchen and acting out as adults. Objects involved in dramatic play helps children make sense of the everyday events, behaviours and the roles of other people around them. ( Birth to big school. Pg – 309). These are the reason why I have chosen these resources that will help me set up dramatic play for children of 2 – 3 years of age. A list of resources I have chosen to set up an environment for a tea party for the children. As I am supporting for a small group of children, I have provided enough resources for four children. * Four tray mats, * A tablecloth, * Four ceramic tea cups, * Four napkins ( Asian style), * Korean ceramic tea pot, * Four teaspoons, * A basket of buns, a moon cake etc, * A small ceramic milk jug, * A bowl for sugar and * as for decoration a Japanese doll filled with flowers. I have used all ceramic to show respect for children and the objective to teach children how to handle with care and for them to feel like real adults. These resources will be organized through supervision. Presenting the
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