Dramatic Irony In Hamlet

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Chart Outlining Incidents of Dramatic Irony Example of Dramatic Irony from Acts I & II|CharactersInvolved|Sympathy? Antipathy?|Reason your sympathies lean as they do|Evidence – Lines and Explanation of Effect| Act1 Sc.5 |Hamlet|Sympathy towards hamlet |Because he figures out including the readers, the truth behind his father’s death. |The Ghost reveals to hamlet that he was murdered and not bit by a snake like everyone in Denmark believes.| |Claudius|Antipathy towards Claudius |Because we begin to hate him when we figured out that he was the one behind his own brother’s murder. |Claudius: “Now Hamlet hear… Now wears his crown”. | End of Act1 Sc.5 |Hamlet |Sympathies with hamlet |Because he has to know put on an act, pretend madness to deceive
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