Drama Critique and Criticism Essay

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Part 1 – The Character Study Oedipus: trait- self-confident example 1: Scene I, lines 178-181. “What good were they? Or the gods, for the matter of that? /But I came by,/ Oedipus, the simple man, who knows nothing-/ I thought it out for myself, no birds helped me!” example 2: Prologue, line 134. “Then once more I must bring what is dark to light.” Trait- violent example 1: Scene I, lines 184-186. “Well, you and your friend Creon, It seems to me,/ Will suffer most. If you were not an old man, /You would have paid already for your plot.” Example 2: Scene II, lines 283-288. “I struck him in my rage. The old man saw me /And brought his double goad down upon my head/ As I came abreast. /He was paid back, and more! /Swinging my club in this right hand I knocked him/ Out of his car, and he rolled on the ground./ I killed him.” Creon: trait- cautious example 1: Prologue, lines 92-94. “Is it your pleasure to hear me with all these /Gathered around us? I am prepared to speak, /But should we not go in?” Example 2: Scene II, lines 85-86. “I hate anarchy /And never would deal with any man who likes it.” Trait- loyal example 1: Scene II, lines 5-8, “If in these present difficulties /He holds me accountable for any harm to him /Through anything I have said or done-why, then, /I do not value life in this dishonor.” Example 2: Scene II, lines 52-53. “I do not know; and I am the kind of man/ Who holds his tongue when he has no facts to go on.” Teiresias: trait- acrimonious example 1: Scene I, lines 154 & 155. “You are the madman, There is no one here/ Who will not curse you soon, as you curse me.” Example 2: Scene I, lines 108 & 109. “When it comes to speech, your own is neither temperate/ Nor opportune. I wish to be more prudent.” Trait- wise example 1: Scene I, lines 196-198. “But I say to you, with both your eyes, are blind: /You cannot see the wretchedness of your life,

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