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Drama Essay

  • Submitted by: mdsmith
  • on April 2, 2012
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Within our theatrical performance we have associated various drama techniques and numerous elements of drama. Both the drama techniques and elements of drama assisted in performing our performance. The two significant drama techniques that we included are, the Stanslavaski methods and techniques and the Brechtian technique.
The Stanslavaski method particularly assisted our performance by making the actors work within the realist and naturalist dominant styles. The key elements that are involved in this technique include, Concentration and Focus, Voice and Physical Skill, Emotional Memory, Observation and Analysis. Concentration and Focus assisted us actors in the performance to have a high level of concentration throughout the performance and to absorb in the character to then have great focus on the character they are playing and their world entirely. Voice and Physical Skill emphasised the importance of the voice and need for the actor to speak clearly and with good projection. Emotional Memory specifically assisted our performance by using our own past to enhance our characters emotions and portray their feelings. It is a base for us to connect and display a genuine feeling for our character. Observation assisted in making our characters authentic by observing the world around us and learning about out characters life and behaviour. Lastly, the Stanslavaski element of analysis made us look for motivation and objectives, made us link the character to the actor and therefore have a greater understanding of the character and ourselves.
The Brechtian technique was used in our performance by telling and expressing to the audience what is going to/ about to happen in the following scene of our performance, here the audience will understand the characters dilemmas before it is acted out. Brecht thought the audience required and emotional distance to reflect on what is being presented in critical and objective ways, rather than being taken out of...

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