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Drakoneous Alexandros Masters Drakeonious Alexandros Masters, better known as Drake Masters, was born in on the isle country of Muria where he is attending the Murian Sanctorium of Arcane Arts. Drake is a strict Blue Mana specialists relying on the magics of counterspells to fight his battles. Between his ever faithful image magic counterpart, Murray, and his trusty Charred Elm Wood Wand, Drake Masters is not a mage to be taken lightly. Drake was born on the Isle of Muria to his parents Sophia Louvelle and Alexander Masters and is the younger sibling to his eccentric sister Sys. Sys is a bit different from her brother, whereas Drake specializes in Blue Mana; Sys specializes in the use of Red Magic. Because of this, Sys and Drake kind of have a love hate relationship. Although Drake loves his sister very much as she does her brother, one of her favorite past times is to wing a fireball or a lava axe at her brother when he is not looking.…show more content…
As a child, Sophia always told Drake the bed time story about the time she and Alexander were doomed in a battle against a powerful Black Magician outside of Muria and how when it seemed death was imminent, a bright flash of light filled the sky and out from the clouds came a magnificent Silver Wyvern which assisted in destroying the evil Black Mage and rescued Sophia and Alexander from their almost certain doom. To this day Sophia doesn’t know who summoned the Silver Wyvern, but ever sense, she and the rest of her family view the Silver Wyvern as a symbol of hope and courage. It’s because of this heroic story that Drake has vowed to find the famed Silver Wyvern and link with it so that he may help others the way it had helped his mother and his father. Drake’s main goal in life is to unravel and discover the mysterious properties of Blue Mana and to hopefully one day become the greatest most famous Blue Mage in Murian
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