Dragons of Atlantis Guide to Sanctuary Essay

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1. INTRODUCTION AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Introduction The primary purpose of this work-in-progress is to level the playing field between Ruby and Non-Ruby Players, firstly by collating and making publicly available important information and knowledge on what can be found in Sanctuary, where it can be found and how Sanctuary works, and, secondly by giving players a basic understanding of battle mechs so they can start to mech Sanctuary effectively for themselves. Sanctuary works through a combination of advantageous selective breeding, enchanting and gene-splicing techniques and through probability. Certain breeding techniques have a better probability of dropping desired Sanctuary Dragons with desired Traits in them than others and of securing hierchary progression. Certain enchanting techniques are more economic in accessing the top tier, Level X Traits. The core purpose of the research and testing being done behind this work-in-progress is to discover those techniques so that information can be published here for all to use. What Sanctuary has to offer has already been discovered. In essence, it offers the opportunity to more or less double up on what Science Centre had to offer but with the added advantage of being able to mech certain Guardian Roost Arrays to further pronounce boosts or curses on certain researches or their effects on certain Troops at the cost of not boosting or cursing others. Since Sanctuary effectively adds a second Science Centre to the game those players who chose to ignore it or fail to develop it will ultimately end up being left behind in an arms race and consequently will be owned on the battlefield by those that invest time in developing their Sanctuaries and do so wisely. If you want to fall into the second category of players, read on. Before you take that step it is important that you realize that it is now

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