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Norman Shaw, reviews the first episode in the new series of Dragons' Den All the business owners who venture into the den are brave. To seek investment from five notoriously prickly individuals, on national television, demonstrates either supreme confidence, or a slightly deluded hopefulness. The first entrepreneur, Bee, fell firmly into the second camp, and served up more than her fair share of face-palm moments. "What do you mean by 'balance sheet'?" she chirped, in response to the Dragons' probing about her hair-extension business. Cue stunned silence from all. "I have seen them" she hopefully offered, as if recalling the sighting of a mythical creature. Bee crumbled completely when quizzed on her numbers, and whereas other entrepreneurs do so due to the pressure, it was evident here that a stunning lack of commercial awareness was to blame. Not being able to name her gross profit, and with little idea about the mark-up she was dealing with, it seemed almost miraculous that she was heading a successful business operation. Had she made a pact with the devil, somewhere down the line? And despite her business having turned over a healthy profit in the last year, it wasn't enough to assuage the concerns of four out of five dragons, who firmly declared themselves 'out'. In a surprise move, Hilary Devey offered the full amount requested, but demanded a hefty 40% equity in the business. Bee made a meek, unsuccessful attempt to barter, and then promptly accepted the offer. She may not have had a full grasp on quite how her company was making money, but the fact that it was clearly proved enough for one dragon. In marched the next entrepreneur. "ABSPACK!" boomed Clay O'Shea, an ex-professional boxer, with a refreshingly frank, albeit somewhat aggressive pitch. As he rocked back-on and forth on his feet, he candidly announced he'd "boxed in over 100 fights, and come

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