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Dragon Ride A rat comes to the dragons hiding place. The rat is there to warn them about the dangers lurking. The rat tells them the danger is that the humans will come and flood this valley. No one believes here but Firedrake. Firedrake tells every one to keep moving and find a new place to live. No one wants to leave they don’t believe they say how can they flood this valley. Firedrake says the humans can do whatever they want to do. Firedrake says he will find the rim of heaven so every one here came there. Before Firedrake sets off the rat says go meet my brother in the city he can he can help you . Firedrake sets off to go to the big city to meet the rats cousin. When Firedrake lands Sorrel gets off and tries to figure out what the rats cousin might be. They go through the allies hoping to find the rats cousin. Later on the stumble across Ben an orphan. Ben is surprised to see a dragon. Ben decides to help the because he knows every inch of the city. Ben tells Sorrel to ware some of his close so she looks like a human. Sorrel doesn’t what to but she does. 1st they find a hiding place for the dragon so he can rest because dragons need to rest and if he doesn’t he cant fly. Ben and Sorrel go to the harbor to find the rats cousin. The rats cousin’s name is Graytail and he makes maps. Ben and Sorrel ask if he had a map to the rim of heaven because that where every dragon is. Later on they set out on there journey but the stumble up on people. The people took sorrel and Ben went to go find her. After he found her he met twigleg and twigleg helped Ben free sorrel. While that happened firedrake was attacked by a sprit. The sprit was trapped by early people. The sprit was trying to kill firedrake but the a professor comes and helps firedrake. Later Ben Sorrel and twigleg met the professor Then talk then the professor asks if he can look at Ben’s map. Ben

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