Drag Queen Show

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Descriptive Write Up I wanted to see a drag show and you would be surprised at how few drag shows there really are in Los Angeles. But I managed to find one that was not cancelled (the one I wrote about in my summary had stopped running) at a place called Hamburger Mary’s. I set off with two of my girl friends. Hamburger Mary’s was a restaurant by day and a dinner drag show by night. We arrived around 8:30 for the 9pm Sunday drag and burlesque show. You are first greeted by a statue of which I am to assume is Hamburger Mary: Upon entering it appears to be a typical restaurant/bar in West Hollywood but to your right after entering is a surprisingly small stage, about 4x4 feet with a pole in the middle. It was particularly crowded that night and we got seated right away, the crowd was varied. There was a plethora of people from the gay and lesbian community but generally females, noticeably lesbian and gay men dominated the crowd population. We were seated one table away from the front of the stage and right in front of what I would come to realize was the entrance for the performers. The definite difference that sets this restaurant apart, aside from the show, was the overall atmosphere of its patrons and employees. Many people are regulars and there is an air of silliness and fun that puts you at ease upon being seated. Everyone seems to be very aware of the fact that you can eat a hamburger and what a drag queen perform is just meant for a good time and not to be taken very seriously. There is so much laughter all around you even before the performers come out The seats were bar stool high so we had a good view of the stage and the place in general. We ordered, of course, hamburgers, which I highly recommend. Around 9:15 the show started. The first drag queen entered. They enter from the back area, which was about a table away from ours in what seemed to
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