Draft And First Half Of My Geo Fair Essay: Vietnam

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Did you know that the country that eats the most rice is Vietnam? Vietnam is a very exotic and different country than many others. This essay will take you to a whole new side of Vietnam that most do not pay attention to and will feature the human patterns of Vietnam, economic systems, and lastly, migration. Human patterns portray a huge part of what makes our civilizations what they are today. It holds the roles of birth rate, death rate, life expectancy, infant mortality rate, literacy rate, urban versus rural population and population density. To keep the country's money flowing, the economic systems of the country are very important. From the type of industries, to the imports and exports the country has represents a huge part of the country already. Push and pull factors, migration barriers effects on culture and country are the main points to migration of a country. Those will be the crucial topics that this essay will discuss about the lovely country of Vietnam. Human patterns are what makes Vietnam, Vietnam and what makes every single other country different their own nation that separates themselves from others. With a total population of, 90, 549, 390 people, Vietnam has had the third largest population of South Asia after Indonesia and the Philippines. In total, Vietnam has the thirteenth most numerous populations in the world. There is limited space in Vietnam to live for there is only 310, 070 kilometer squared of land which makes the population density 292 people per kilometer squared. Thirty percent of the population of Vietnam is urban population. This means that seventy percent of the rest of the population are rural population.The life expectancy isn't as bad as it could be. In fact, surprisingly, the life expectancy of Vietnam is pretty high. The life expectancy of the total population is 72.12 years old. The female life expectancy is 74.92

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