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RESEARCH QUESTION The article analyzes the ethnic diversity in health care organizations; moreover it expands the study to cover the correlation with the community diversity, the impact on the services recipients and on the monetary organizational performance. The authors based their idea on United Nations statistics in 2009 about the workforce evolution fact throughout the globe, which makes the study subject general and close to reality (King et al., 2011) THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK The article was founded on two theories, Social Identity and Social Categorization (Tajfel and Turner, 1979) which contributed in an inductive perception on intergroup interactions, influence on services delivery and organizational performance. Both theories have empiricism epistemology approach which underpins this study. Figure 1: A theoretical perspective on ethnic diversity in organizations METHODOLOGY Research Design In the aim of enriching the research and uplifting the used evidence significance, the authors followed one of the four known types: the cross-sectional design (De Vaus, 2001). Methods of Data Collection & Sampling The statistical technique used to explore the research questions match quantitative method and reinforce empirical research. A structured survey was steered on a sample of “acute trusts” referred as hospitals in UK, including 142 organizations with their correspondent services stakeholders: Doctors, Nurses and Patients. The questions used along the survey are well-defined taking into consideration limited number of possible responses. As a result, it is approved that the responses can be numerically coded. Measures & Analysis Analyzing the diversity level and its reflections on organizations and surrounding, went through five surveys to ensure measurement, causality, generalization and

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