Dracula's Seduction Essay

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Brandon Odum English 1102 Professor Turlington 26 May, 2011 Dracula’s Temptation In Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, Dracula has the uncanny ability to expose every person's concealed fantasy, the one thing that they yearn for the most. It is up to the characters nonetheless, to shape their own future. If someone is not careful about what they do or care about what happens, then they would most likely be taken by Dracula. On the contrary, if someone is aware of what is going on around them and cautious about what they do, then Dracula would not be able to overtake them. Mina Harker and Lucy Westenra both determine their own destinies in Dracula. Mina is unwavering (in relationships and doctrines) and proactive, and she does not give in to Dracula, whereas Lucy, who is careless and cannot stay committed to a single thing falls prey to Dracula. Mina Harker becomes a victim to Dracula's corrupt scheme, but survives because she is proactive and dedicated to doing good, not evil. Unlike Lucy, Mina does not flirt with men constantly, which helps her resist Dracula's grip on her. Since she has only been in one faithful relationship, she can more easily counteract someone because she does not go around from one man to another like her friend. One of the reasons for Mina's persistence to giving in to the darkness is how she reacts and uses discretion once she finds out Dracula is preying upon her. She yells, "Unclean! Unclean! Even the Almighty shuns my polluted flesh!" (Stoker 354). Mina becomes very upset when she learns what the Count has been doing to her, and upon realizing it, she takes the mandatory precautions to divert allowing Dracula to fulfill his desires. Acknowledging that Dracula can read her mind, and vice versa, Mina instructs the group to "Promise me that you will not tell me anything of the plans formed for the campaign against the Count," (389). If the

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