dracula literary analysis

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The place of women is always a difficult thing to talk about because of its overly sexist views towards how the females are meant be act like or be like. How there are supposed to get married, be a housewife, and please the man whenever he wants. Even though in the book Dracula the women aren’t housewives they still have a very similar place in the book. They are viewed as sexed up slaves, and mindless victims. “I have always thought that a wild animal never looks so well as when some obstacle of pronounced durability is between us. A personal experience has intensified rather then diminished that idea (Pg. 235).” When looking into this quote deeper a sort of repressed form of sexuality is found. It seemed to hint that all women are just wild animals that aren’t as pleasing to men when they don’t do as normal women do, like keeping the house clean, living just to please the man, and being a little boring housewife’s. It is just another way of saying that when rebel and fight for themselves, men don’t like it very much and feel attacked. It’s not just coincidence that Dracula feeds on the weak minded and feeble people, which also just happened to be females. Bram Stoker seemed to be using the thought that women are weak minded, sub human life forms. Men could control them very easily; much like Dracula did to Mina. “I want to be what you are. See what you see-love what you love (Pg 257).” This quote is after Dracula mind melds Mina into his own concubine. If he wanted to he could have chosen between many victims, but he chose to manipulate Mina’s mind because women are thought to have very weak minds. “I shall cut off her head and fill her mouth with garlic, and I shall drive a stake through her body (Pg. 319).” This is when Van Helsing and his crew plan to kill Lucy. In this quote and whole sequence of this part of the book, it shows the power men have over

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