Dracula Essay

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Dracula is a very well written and well known novel. Bram Stoker knew what he wanted when he was writing it and knew how to achieve that goal by making the important scenes in the story feel like you are really there standing right in the middle of all the action. For example; the scene were Dracula sneaks up on Jonathan while he is shaving, Stoker uses very descriptive words to make you feel as if you are there and can see it like “When the Count saw my face, his eyes blazed with a sort of demonic fury” ( pg 26). This makes it sound more interesting and like the count has no control over what he does next kind of like he is under a spell. Another example is at the start of this scene when Jonathan is just starting to shave and he is just enjoying himself minding his own business Then BAM out of no were, this hand grabs his shoulder. He is in a state of shock I guess you could say, and starts double checking the mirror and all he can see is him self and the rest of the room behind him. And then he turned his head from side to side in doing so he cut his face. Stoker is very good at imagery and his use of wording to make this happen. He also makes you try to think what the character is thinking. Like he tries to get you to imagine what is going on in Jonathans head when he feels the hand on his

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