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Dracula Essay

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  • on December 3, 2013
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Vlad Dracul III is “Dracula”

            Vlad Dracul III (also known as Vlad Tepes) was born a prince in 1431 and later became king after the assassination of his father in 1448. He was in battle 3 times due to opposition towards his leadership and was the ruler of Wallachia (now known as Romania) between the years of 1456 to 1462. Vlad Dracul III was an evil and brutal leader which preferred to kill people by cruel methods such as an oiled steak that went trough the victims bottom until it came trough the top, and other methods that were used where putting nails in peoples head, burning, mutilation of sexual organs and boiling people alive. The history of Vlad Dracul III is surrounded by both mystery and legend. The truth is that where legend ends and history begins, nobody knows. Vlad Dracul III was chosen by the writer Bram Stoker as the main character Dracula of his 1897 novel; “Dracula” because of his reputation for torture, cruelty and mass murder against the Ottoman Empire expansion and the Kingdom of Hungary, as well as his opposition for leadership of Wallachia.
Vlad Dracul II; also known as ‘Dracul’; the leader of Order of the Dragon, which is a group of 13 noble knights that swore to protect Christianity in Easter Europe from the spread of the Muslim religion by the Ottoman Empire. Vlad Dracul III also became a member of Order of the Dragon and called himself ‘Dracula’ which was known to be the son of the dragon. He, as well as his father and other members of Order of the Dragon that protected their Empire in the name of the cross.
The Ottoman Sultan, tried to collect tribute (a tax) and possible soldiers for their army from Transalvania (Wallachia) rulers as a form of control of their people and land. Vlad Dracul II refused to pay the tribute because they wanted to keep their Empire independent, instead he sent his two sons (one of them being the 13 year old Vlad Dracul III) as tribute to the Ottoman Sultan in order to keep both Empires from...

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