Dracula Essay

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Dracula perverts the Christian and Catholic theme throughout the movie in different themes, more so than others. For the Catholic side of this point of view, is that Count Dracula perverts communion in which you drink the “blood” of Christ in a symbolizing of being granted spiritual life. In order for Dracula to survive, he drinks the blood of actual humans to endure his physical life so that he won’t die. In a way, it is just the reversed of the Catholic tradition. Also, in the opening scene of the movie, Dracula is in what seems to be a chapel/church altar looking place where there are priests and servants. His wife commits suicide, believing that he died from battle and that she could not live without him. Upon hearing this, Dracula goes mad. Obviously, Dracula is still alive and well, and hearing that his wife is dead makes him have an unbearable anger. The priests say that suicide is an unforgivable sin, when all that Dracula was doing was fighting God’s war for him, and this is what he gets in return. Instead of accepting the fact that his wife died, and staying with his religious path, he rebukes God and everything about him and stabs the cross. Out of it pours blood and he drinks the blood that pours out of it. This can be taken as a very perverted thing toward religious practices. He doesn’t actually drink human blood in this case, but drinks to what seems to be, in some opinions, Christ’s blood, but rebuking it at the same time. As a result of him rebuking God and Christ, he gains the power of becoming Dracula and living for a very long time. In a way, it is like he becomes his own demon or a demon himself like he completely went from serving God in fighting for him, to going against him and becoming a completely different person. As pointed out, Dracula only lives from surviving of drinking the blood of humans. According to Christianity, there is spiritual

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