Dracula Essay

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All the vampires are in the Novel Dracula by bram stoker are very sexual suppressed and this is a metaphor there desire for blood. Many humans are sexual concealed and it is a type of need for them just as blood is a must for vampires. Sexuality being the biggest theme, the quote that most interest me is “'Back, I tell you all! This man belongs to me!'" (pg 39) which is said by Count Dracula to the three women attacking Harker. At first this may perceived in a sexual manor but as the novel progresses it appears untrue. The men keep giving Lucy there own blood to substitute for the amount Dracula took from here. This in a way can also be said that her blood belongs to Dracula. Because of all of these things this novel has a very gothic and horrific style to it. I extremely enjoyed this novel and I am in no way gothic. The reason I liked this novel is because it has so many surprises and turns that it captures the reader and makes you never want to put the novel down. Bram Stoker uses clever words which at first seem to have one meaning but as you read further into the book you realize that there are other explanation. No matter what genres you like this novel will be perfect for you; it is full of action, horror, mystery and most of all passion. Dracula by Bram Stoker is not only a fascinating novel but an exhilarating

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