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One of the things my friends and I like to do if we're having an unsuccessful night sarging is to open a few "throw away" sets to blow off some steam. A throw away set is when you engage a girl under the guise of a pickup, but with no intention of succesfully closing her. The trick is to subtly offend her without being too obvious about it. Atleast that's the most fun way to do it. For example, rather than just walking up to her and saying "get out of my face, bitch!" it's more enjoyable to open her normally, fluff for a few mins, and then, in mid conversation, pinch some fat on her stomach and quip about how chunky girls really get you heated. Or something like that. Then you wait for the reaction and enjoy the show! So, after some brief reflection on my love life, I decided to try something similar. Insead of a throw away pick up, though, I was to try a throw away date! It was more relevent to my latest debacles. I hadn't ever tried this before but the possibilities were instantly intriguing. The anonymity of the internet seemed fitting for this type of thing, so I dropped $20 on a Yahoo Personals account and the mission was underway. I sent messages to a number of different girls on there and got a bite a few days later. We emailed back and forth a few times before I snagged the digits and got her on the phone.She seemed cool enough and was pretty attractive in her pics. I gave her a solid 7. Unfortunately, my mind was made up and she was going to get a full dose of the phzgenius persona. This poor girl didn't even see it coming. But what war is without casualities? We meet up at URI (she's a student there) and, right off the bat, I jump into cocky mode. "Wow, you look really nice," I say to her. "Thanks," came the retort. "Yeah, you did a really good job with your make up." Gotta love the blank stare she had on her face after that priceless comment!

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