Dr. Stockmann Essay

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In the play ‘Enemy of the People’ by Henrik Ibsen, Dr. Thomas Stockmann who is Medical Officer of the Municipal baths is pivotal to the conflict in the play. This is because Ibsen explores the two main significant themes of principles and power. Dr. Stockmann is the main protagonist of the play and is considered as an optimistic, idealistic and honest man. He is optimistic as he constantly encourages people and is always willing to fight for what he believes in. Also, he is considered idealistic as he is always thinking about the aftereffects of disclosing the information of the baths to the public; in his case he believes he would get popular but it turns out the reality of situations hits him hard. The third characteristic is honesty, believing that if he tells the truth to the public then he might get the support of the community. The first main significant theme that Ibsen uses to explore Dr. Stockmann’s character is Principles. Dr. Thomas Stockmann is a man of principles and is willing to fight for what he believes in. His dedication is on display throughout the play, as he is steadily stripped of position in society, his home, and his job for refusing to be silent about the town's unhealthy, contaminated Baths which is considered to be his central motivation. For example, In Act 3, Pg49 ‘they have tried to rob me of my most elementary rights as a man […] to make a coward of me, to force me to put personal interests before my most sacred convictions’ which shows that he is fighting to help the people because that is his principle. The Second significant theme used by Ibsen is power, which is another major aspect of Dr. Stockmann’s Personality. Dr. Stockmann is considered to be a high-class society member like his brother but does not have complete power and influence over the people. Furthermore, as the story continues, we are able to see that there is
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