Dr. Schenk, Women, and Rape

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Dr. Roy Schenk inadvertently shows his character in a way that severely damages his argument. He clearly feels resentment towards women and especially feminists. In the first paragraph of his paper, he introduces the concept that women contribute to the cause of rape as being unpopular, not generally, but from women and specifically feminists. In doing so he points this paper directly at feminists. This goes on throughout his paper. Shortly after this first example, in an inartistic appeal he refers to an article written by a feminist that discusses similarities of genetics between men and women. It is important that he finds a feminist stating this to be the most credible source. In his mind, statements he can use to support his argument made by feminists are more credible than ones made by geneticists when discussing genetics because he sees feminists as his opponents. More than looking for the cause of rape, he feels insulted by feminists. This paper is more a pointed argument over the insult Dr. Schenk feels he has received from feminists than a search for the cause of rape. Indeed at one point in his paper he even stoops to describe feminists responses as being “harpy-like” in a childish reaction to the feminists disagreement with his idea. Dr. Schenk bases his argument largely by appealing to logical conclusions. These start out well as the paper starts off drawing reasonably straight forward conclusions from well accepted facts but as his argument progresses Dr. Schenk’s logic becomes based off poorly drawn conclusions. A critical example he uses in his argument is a statement made by the executive director of the National Organization for the prevention of Rape and Assault Fredric Storaska that to prevent an incident of rape the woman should treat the man as a human being. Dr. Schenk claims that Storaska in making this statement is unknowingly

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