Dr. Josef Menegele's Twin Experiments

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Auschwitz Life to the left; death to the right. This was the greeting upon an arrival to Auschwitz, a notorious Holocaust concentration camp. No one knew what the future held for them and their loved ones. The survivors still remember the realistic nightmares at Auschwitz. Procedures such as organ removal, castrations, and amputations performed by psychotic doctors during the Holocaust still leave emotional scars on people today. Dr. Josef Menegele, later nicknamed the Angel of Death, joined the Nazi party in 1937, and in 1938 he became a SS officer of the protective squad. Secrecy allowed Menegele to continue his viscous experiments. The public was innocent to the horrors that were actually going on at Auschwitz. Once, a woman bit and scratched a SS officer who then forced her…show more content…
He castratized and sterilized them. He was also fascinated by children and women. Josef gave children a warm and welcoming smile and delivered candy and clothes to them. Later, he would have them brought to his laboratory in trucks with the Red Cross emblem on them. There he would perform torturous procedures, mostly resulting in death. “Dr. Menegele had always been more interest in him…one surgery on his spine left him paralyzed…They took out his sexual organs. After the fourth operation, I did not see him anymore” (Auschwitz). Menegele also attempted to change the kids’ eye color by injecting chemicals into their eyes. He performed experimental surgeries without anesthesia. Transfusions, isolation, reactions to stimuli, injections, removal of the limbs, and incestuous impregnations were all performed by him too. Torture, beaten, and killed by a malevolence doctor leave survivors haunted with horrors from Auschwitz. The lucky ones went to the right; the others went to the left. But luck can not describe any prisoner in that camp. All will remember their days at Auschwitz as a

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