Dr. Faustus Vs Hamlet

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Good v.s. Evil or Medieval v.s. Renaissance These were the times of confusion and change for many. The plays and art were built around the shift of medieval to renaissance. Many were trying to absorb the differences and trying to find themselves in the times. The medieval era was focused on religion, primarily Christianity, sin, and redemption. The renaissance era focused on the humanities and dealing with the interpretation of human personalities and views. Christopher Marlowe, who wrote Dr. Faustus, as well as William Shakespeare, who wrote Hamlet, did an excellent job creating what many people of those days were struggling with. In both of these plays, the authors focus on the social issues of human existence that are important to every generation… the balance between, some would say, good versus evil. In Dr. Faustus, the protagonist has the world at his fingertips due to going from the light to the dark side. He sells his soul to Lucifer. Many times he looks back for redemption but just can’t make himself ask God for help. He has a good angel and evil angel that try to guide him. He also has peers that try to help him come back to the “good side” but Lucifer’s right hand man, Mephistopheles, convinces him it is too late for redemption. In the last hours, of the twenty-four years, he almost asks God for forgiveness. The author twists the story by saying it is too late. This story is classic for the moral issues that the people were facing at the time. They wanted to ask questions of humans and the world but were worried about upsetting the religious leaders. Dr. Faustus struggles with wanting everything he could ask for and answer all of God’s marvels of the world, however, when he had the chance all he could do was play pranks. Initially, this shows great strength on his part but in the end he lacked inner strength to finish his mission almost going crazy. He
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