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Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell When she graduated from New York's Geneva Medical College, in 1849, Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman in America to earn the M.D. degree. She supported medical education for women and helped many other women's careers. She also published several important books on the issue of women in medicine. Elizabeth Blackwell was born in Bristol, England in 1821, to Hannah Lane and Samuel Blackwell. Because Samuel did not accept believes of the established protestant church in England, Elizabeth and her elder sisters were denied public schooling. Samuel hired private tutors and instructed the girls the same subjects as the boys and also Hannah inspired them by introducing them to music and literature. Samuel was a sugar refiner and both for financial reasons and because he wanted to help to end slavery, the family moved to America when Elizabeth was 11 years old. Her father died in 1838 and left them only 20 dollars in his account. The three oldest girls supported the family for several years by operating a boarding school for young women. In one of her books, Dr. Blackwell wrote that she was initially wanted to keep away the idea of studying medicine. She said, she had "hated everything connected with the body, and could not bear the sight of a…show more content…
Blackwell opened her own dispensary in a single rented room, seeing patients three afternoons a week. The dispensary was formed into a corporation in 1854 and moved to a small house she bought on 15th Street. Her sister, Dr. Emily Blackwell who was the second woman that earned M.D. degree, joined her in 1856 and, together with another friend opened the New York Infirmary for Women and Children in 1857. By establishing this Infirmary, she offered a practical solution to one of the problems facing women who were rejected from internships elsewhere but determined to expand their skills as physicians. This institution also provided medical care for the

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