Dr Dole Queue Analysis

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Dr Dole Queue” Adrian Wooldridge states, “the returns on even-higher education can actually be negativeIn the article, “Dr Dole Queue” Adrian Wooldridge states, “the returns on even-higher education can actually be negative”. He is basically arguing that higher education is just a waste of time. I believe that Wooldridge is not persuasive when he claims that BA’s, PhD’s and other degrees are not worth what they used to be worth, I concede that Wooldridge’s point about higher education and the large amount of debt that follows is an important point that needs to be taken seriously. In the article, Wooldridge states higher education is not worth what it use to be. This is not persuasive because one of those reasons are from the research I have done for my own career field (video editor); you need a secondary education in this field and it needs to be related to a film school diploma. Wooldridge says it’s a waste of time getting a higher education but in reality you will not get a job without one. One of the reasons why you wont get a job is because if a company were too see you with no qualifications like a BA or Ph’D and another person came with the required qualifications. They will most likely hire the other person; just for one reason because his education…show more content…
He shows numbers on the amount of people who are working as hair dressers, hair stylist, and cosmetologist who couldn’t get a job in their field. If he was to put that number as a percentage it would be less effective in his argument because the percentage would be very low. Wooldridge has too many opinions in his article which lead you to think the article is based solely on his opinion. When he states “productivity of higher education declines as people spend longer in it”. This isn’t actually proven to be true, and he is basing it on one sided
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