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Shanise Allen November 9, 2012 Mrs. Spear ACF 97 Section 8 Some people are gifted with good looks, personality, and the extraordinary gift of being wise. Those that are wise capture the heart of anyone by their power to do, and help others do the right thing. Sampson Davis one of the three doctors in their book named “The Bond” has the gift of being wise. Although living in a broken home and environment that wasn’t a factor for Sampson to become another stereotype. Dr. Davis is a role model for not only young men in the community he grew up in but for young men around the world who can relate to his story. Sampson Davis is an extraordinary person because he generous, wise, and compassionate. Dr. Davis grew up in Newark with both parents but a broken home. Sampson avoided the streets by getting good grade and playing lots of sports, but with his father’s constant drinking and fighting with his mom…show more content…
Sampson Davis could have done in result of his childhood but he didn’t because he was wise to understand he is above all of that. With the simple reminder from his mom telling him to go to school he did just that. With a high grade point average and keeping on track he gained a positive friendship with friends that have experienced the same situation. With Rameck, and George’s company and positive energy he continued to aim high and make his mom proud. With the right people around him and the positive mind set Sampson became successful. Most people who have worked from the bottom up may not find it necessary to help others because they have the ability to do the same. In this case Sampson Davis found it most important to help young people who wish to become something in life. He, George, and Rameck created an organization where they would mentor young people with a goal. Being that he didn’t have to help anyone this was a generous deed. It shows that he compassionate to those who want to do the right thing but need a helping

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