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In the short story “Eveline” by James Joyces, the protagonist Eveline is a convincing character. According to the three principles of convincing characterization, Eveline is realistic and convincing character. Eveline is a consistent and motivated character. She is also plausible and life-like. If a character is to be convincing he or she must behave in a consistent manner. In other words, the character must not behave in one way on one occasion and then in a different way on another occasion unless there is sufficient reason for change in behaviour. Eveline is a consistent character. Eveline is a responsible character; she proves this in many ways throughout the story. When growing up Eveline’s mother died as she was the oldest daughter in the family, she now is responsible for keeping the house together (a wish of her dying mother) and also is responsible for her younger brother and sister. She is to make sure “that the two young children…went to school regularly and got their meal regularly” (Joyce 2). Some nights when the family did not have any food, Eveline must “[pitch in] her entire wages [of] seven shillings” and her brother Harry “would send up what he could” (2), but her father is difficult to get money from; he did not want “his hard earned money to throw about the streets” (2). In the end Eveline would manage to get the money him. Also during the end, Eveline shows responsibility by staying back with her family instead of leaving with Frank. Eveline realizes that without her the family would not be able to survive and would break apart. Eveline shows responsibility through taking care of her family and fulfilling a mother’s role. The second criteria of convincing characterization state that a character must be clearly motivated if he or she is to be believable to the reader. Eveline is clearly motivated by few characters and their behaviour in the

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