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1. List three specific items of furniture in the Drs. Office that belonged to him. In Dr. Clark's office there was still a wooden rolling chair, a wood rolltop desk and his Danville High School Diploma. 2. What was unusual about the Clark’s typewriter? His typewriter was odd because it had two seperate set of keys. It was before the Shift key was invented. It had a set of uppercase letters, and a set of lowercase letters. 3. How much were patients charged for an office visit? For a house call? The paients were charged .50 cents for a visit and $1.00 for a housecall. 4. What type of medicine did Clark practice and how much medical training did he receive? Dr. Clark praticed traditional medicine as well as homeopathic medicine and he recived 2 years of medical training plus an aprenticship. 5. What therapy popularly promoted by Queen Victoria brought relief from labor pains? Is there an example of this in Clark’s office? What is it? Either was a theraply promoted by the Queen. It is an anastetic given by a mask or rag then inhaled. It is the father to chlorform. 6. Where did patients wait to see the Dr? Paitents typically waited in the Parlor to see the doctor. 7. What is in the laboratory/ what was this room used for? The laboratory was a small room in the office used for mixing medications and chemicals. 8. How much privacy did patients have? What provided privacy? Paients had very little privacy, what privacy was given was given by a privacy screen. 9. Where did 19th c Drs perform surgery? What was the main consideration in choosing a location? They nineteenth centry doctors performed surgery in many locations including the front porch. Dr. Clack was very worried about cleanliness therefore performed most surgeies in his office. However if someone needed an emergency surgery he would move them to a semi sanitary, well lit safe place

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