Dr. Blight: The Five Slave Societies In World History

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Smith – HISTORY 1301 – FALL 2011 Nhan Tri Du Vo Class: 5:30-7:00 27 November, 2011 Blight Assignment FOR LECTURE 3: 1. What were the 5 “slave societies” in World History? According to Mr. Blight, slave society “means any society where slave labor is defined by slavery.” There are 5 slave societies in World History: “Ancient Greece and Rome” (Blight), “Brazil by the eighteenth and nineteenth century” (Blight), “the whole of Caribbean and the American South” (Blight), “slave societies in East Africa, slave societies in the vast Arab world” (Blight). 2. What does Dr. Blight argue are true slave societies? Slave societies is “a place where slavery affected everything about society” (Blight), a place which have these characteristic: “highly profitable in their primes” (Blight), “tended to hinder technological innovation in those…show more content…
He became “a classic example of the guilty pro-slavery slaveholder. He doesn't know how to free them. He doesn't know how to go to emancipation. Instead he develops a highly intricate theory of how he's going to use slavery to save black people. He's going to ameliorate their conditions, he's going to make their slavery on his plantations so effective, so good, such an even joyous form of labor, that he will be doing God's work by improving slavery” (Blight). Therefore, “there are plenty of pro-slavery writers who also, to some extent, whether out of guilt or out of awareness, saw slavery as wrong, but they saw it as a problem more for white people than for black people. Their concern was not the conditions of blacks but what slavery did to whites, and usually they ended up in the same situation as Colcott Jones.”

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