Dq Week 1

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Week 4 Q1 Describe the family portrayal you located in the media, including the family characteristics and a description of what the family was doing. Does this family appear diverse in any ways? What positive or negative messages might be inferred from this portrayal? If a child's family had similar characteristics, how might viewing this media affect the child's self-image and behavior? Q2 Identify an issue that a racially diverse child and his/her family might face. Discuss two strategies you could use to assist this family in overcoming the issue. Q3 Describe the possible relationships between cognition, comprehension, and language production. Be sure to include specific skills the preschool child uses (e.g. fast mapping) and the learning theories that support the relationships you identify. Q4 There are many risk factors for children prior to birth and during early development through infancy and toddler years. Often, children with many risk factors (such as poverty and poor access to health care) suffer from one or more developmental delays. To prevent these delays, children with many risk factors are placed in early intervention services to help identify and prevent delays. Using the risk factors named in your book (or found in your own research), create a one paragraph scenario that states the age of a child, his or her gender, and some risk factors. Then, read your classmates scenarios and suggest some early interventions that can be used to reduce the risks that are listed. Make sure to explain how identifying individual risk factors can help in creating an individualized intervention plan. Q5 Visit http://nichcy.org/research/ee/assessment-accommodations and read pages 1-12 before responding to the discussion questions. You will read about how the standard screening, assessment, and evaluation are performed, on the National
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