Dowry Is a Custom to Get Eligible Bachelor Essay

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Dowry is an old Hindu marriage custom. Dowry could be or can be anything from money to heavy jewellery. It does also include crop fields, buffaloes at village sites. Dowry, the old Hindu marriage custom: This dowry custom is totally banned by law in present days. It is done because, in many cases it was seen that, after marriage the family of groom becomes more greedy for money and the other worth-full things from the bride's family. After a certain period of time, the endless physical and mental harassment on that bride makes the place hell for her to survive where she came with a dream to be a part of a happy family with her husband and offspring. Dark side of this custom: The crime of physical and mental harassment on a new bride was happened because of dowry, even sometimes this dowry custom became a business for a number of families with the eligible grooms until this dowry custom is banned by law. That's the dark part of dowry, lets check out the concept, what for the dowry custom begins. What was the psychology and logic behind this custom? Social impact to begin the dowry concept: The thing is, we were a part of a male dominant society and the girls were less educated to survive as well as to stand on their own feet. So, after a certain age, the girls' families were looking for the eligible bachelors with a good amount of resource. A girl's family gives an amount of money or precious things to the family of so called eligible groom as a deal to keep their immature uneducated girl as a bride. In that case it can be said that if an eligible bachelor needs dowry, then what is the definition of eligibility? Many people still go with this dowry custom but I am focusing on the period of 80s and 90s, when girls were not educated like present days and the dowry custom was not banned by our law. Girls, are you educated enough or

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