Downtime Essay

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Betty Johnson Mrs. Baker English 1101 29 May 2012 Childhood’s Missing Benefit: Downtime Childhood years are only a small part of a person’s life. During this time according to Anna Quindlen “is the time where we become ourselves” (151). Downtime, however, is often left out of the average American child’s life. A child can benefit from downtime by developing creative moments, fostering family relationships, and experiencing the joys of childhood. Downtime can be beneficial for creative moments. A child’s mind is constantly active and ready to work. Quindlen, pointed out, downtime time is when a child can be the most creative (152). Also, a child may be unable to reach their full creative potently without downtime. As stated by Quindlen, “I don’t believe you can write poetry, or compose music, or become an actor without downtime. (151)” A child’s full potential for a creative mind and future can be beneficial with adequate downtime. One of the many benefits of proper downtime is being able to have time to foster family relationships. Without the benefit of downtime parents may not be able to really get to know their children. For this reason Quindlen wrote, the lives of children who do not have enough downtime for family talks will miss this beneficial asset for families (151). Another benefit of proper downtime is more time for family bonding moments. Quindlen stated that in some parts of America families are scheduling downtime to benefit their children and create family bonding moments (152). Children benefit greatly when they have the proper amount of downtime for family talks and bonding moments. Having the time to experience the joys of childhood is another beneficial element of proper downtime. A child can benefit from downtime by given them time for free play. Quindlen pointed out, that there has even arisen a global Right to Play Movement and
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