Downsizing Detroit Essay

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Should officials become proactive with downsizing the city of Detroit with the hopes of improving the city and the quality of life for its residents? For the last several years, this question has been strongly debated while weighing each of the pros and cons. While the city of Detroit flourished and thrived in the 1950’s with the success of the automotive industry, it has dramatically changed in regards to both population and success. At the peak of its prosperity, Detroit’s population was estimated to be around 2 million and has rapidly diminished to 700,000. As the population declined, the residents of Detroit just remained dispersed in small numbers throughout the city. With crime rates and the number of scattered vacant houses nearly doubling in the last decade, it has become undeniable to city officials and even many residents, that something must be done. A plan to demolish and reconstruct the city, while condensing the residents into only a few neighborhoods, presents hopefulness for a new Detroit. The ideas presented for downsizing Detroit seem to be very concrete and genuine, yet the advocates are recognizing how carefully this plan must be executed, with sensitivity to many residents who call this city “home”. While officials and supporters for the idea of downsizing Detroit are being motivated by their future hopes for the city, they are also being held back by many predicaments that have, and could arise in the future. Many aspects have to be taken into consideration when a plan this immense is executed and advocates are realizing that, if carried out, it won’t be all fun and games. The plan for the city of Detroit is to demolish the areas and neighborhoods with the highest vacancy. As a result, these demolished pieces of land would then be replaced by fields and farmland. As fond an idea as it may sound, this is when supporters realize that extensive

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