Downs Syndrome Essay

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DOWN’S SYNDROME DOWN’S SYNDROME Contents: Page 1 – what is chromosomal/ genetic abnormalities, history Page 2 – Causes, Conditions and symptoms Page 3 – Treatment, Research about cure Page 4 – Pictures Page 5 - Reference What are Chromosomical/Genetic Abnormalities ? Chromosome abnormalities are problems that exist in the genetic structure of a baby's chromosomes. Also referred to as chromosome disorders, these abnormalities can appear in different ways in your baby. Most chromosome abnormalities involve an extra copy of a particular chromosome. Sometimes chromosomes might be broken or arranged in the wrong order. Gene abnormalities, though rare, also occur, especially if the parent also has that gene abnormality. History In 1866 the physical characteristics of people with Down Syndrome were linked with decreased intellectual ability and grouped as one syndrome. The English physician, John Langdon Down, was the first to publish these findings. Due to the fact that the facial features of people with Down Syndrome were similar to those of people from Mongolia, he used the term mongoloid to refer to a person with (what is now known as) Down Syndrome. It was not until 1959 that Dr. Jerome Lejeune, a French physician, made the discovery that Down Syndrome was the result of a chromosomal abnormality. His research led him to the fact that the cells of people with Down Syndrome (mongoloids, at the time) had 47 chromosomes, whereas the cells of people without the syndrome only had 46 chromosomes. Just a little while after that, it was discovered that chromosome number 21 contained an extra partial or complete chromosome in these so called “mongoloids”. Thus, the term Trisomy 21 was born. Causes and Conditions and Symptoms of Down Syndrome Causes and Conditions- Down syndrome occurs because of an abnormality characterized by an extra copy

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