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Downriver “The most rugged corners of the San Juan Mountains.” A high school field trip turns into a big reek. The book Downriver is written by Will Hobbs. There are 8 students on this trip. Four girls and four boys and the tour guide Al. They are taken on an adventure that they will never forget. To make this trip successful they have to stick together and work as a team. They start off hiking in the Grand Canyons. It becomes way to challenging so they decide to go white water rafting. “Storm King Peak is 30, 200, 52 feet in elevation,” Al said. The tour guide Al said Troy will lead this journey. They set out there tents and plan the journey up the mountain. The first day Troy doesn’t follow the directions and makes them go the hard way. All of his friends got mad at him. That night that put there tents out and set by the fire. They talked about what they were going to do the next day. They made Troy promise that he wouldn’t lead them in the wrong way again. He said he promised and wouldn’t lead them the wrong way. The next day comes and he leads them the wrong way again. Some of the people almost got really hurt. The whole group gets half way and reads a sign that says “Storm King Peak is infamous for its extreme weather exposed and rotten rock three have died here, think before you add your name to the list.” Seven of them refused to go further. Troy was the only one that wanted to go further. So he says what do yawl want to do now. They all say white water rafting so they go. When they go white water rafting they go on some of the hardest currents. Fifteen-year-old Jessie and his other teenage members of a the survival school team abandon their adult leader Al, hijack his boats, and try to run the dangerous white water at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. They go down stream and go on category nine rapids. The levels are

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