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In the passage the writer portray the downpour as an “extraordinary event” in the life of a child, by relating it to a one in a life-time experience. The writer Renaldo Arenas made it exciting and used many literary techniques such as mood, setting and figurative language to get his point across. A child would also like the rainfall because of the way it makes music. The downpour was described as “no ordinary rainfall” meaning that it was nothing that ever happened before. The setting of this passage seems as if it is in an area that doesn’t rain a lot. This is why a child can be excited about being drenched in water. A child would find this event extraordinary because they would enjoy all of the bright colors of the thunder storm. He also use mood to describe the event as an exciting experience by stating he “celebrating in the torrential rains”. In the passage he stated that the rain “sounded like a million footsteps overhead” this is another reason why a child would like this heavy downpour. Everyone experience it differently and as a child the writer liked the sound of the pitter patter of the rainfall on the roof which engaged him to run outside naked hugged the trees and threw himself into the mud to build small dams. As a child he embraces what Mother Nature had to offer and made it his own playground. However as a child he did enjoyed the downpour but it made him feel like flying and flying far away to be alone and watch as the rain and the rivers roar of destruction and violence. I think the downpour has different effect on different people or children, since he was a boy he enjoyed it but if the writer was a female she might of have had an exact opposite feeling of what was mentioned in the passage. I would understand why a child would be so excited and enjoyed the downpour as an “extraordinary event” because it was a one in a lifetime experience to

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