Down Under Essay

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"Down Under" Writing Assignment In the article the name of the company that is discussed is Freshzest Pty Ltd. They apparently have reached a new milestone with the construction of a “1ha glasshouse.” They are located in Caniaba (near Lismore) in Australia. It is interesting to see foreign companies take such an interest in making sure that the market for herbs stays a viable and important business. This company has supplied Melbourne with fresh herbs for the past 20 years. Freshzest Pty Ltd. grows and cultivates up to 15 different herbs. To name just some; lemon grass, rosemary, kaffir lime, and curry leaf. It is amazing that this “glasshouse” can efficiently grow all of these herbs all being inside. This place is a unique business because not many places around the world conduct their herb business in this way. For such a large operation there are a lot of issues and challenges that arise. With the rising cost of energy, one of the main issues that comes up for this operation is the high cost of gasoline during the winter season to keep all the herbs alive in the right climate to grow. Someone from the business goes on to say “It’s a very expensive business these days given what’s happened with the price of oil,” and “It was clear a couple of years ago that we needed to establish a northern growing operation for the winter-time period,” he said. Temperature and and light are something that needs to be carefully considered when running a company like this. The inside of the glasshouse has climate controlled screens, fans, a fogging system, and an infra-red camera to accurately measure the plants temperatures. The owners say that they really need to focus on the temperature because if anything goes wrong with that then everything can go wrong. Also an external weather station on the roof measures the strength of the wind and outside temperature. It is
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