Down Syndrome Speech Essay

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*the abbreviation ds is for down syndrome SPECIFIC PURPOSE- to inform my audience about Down syndrome INTENDED AUDIENCE- Psychology Class THESIS- Today, I will go over the history of Down syndrome, causes, diagnosing down syndrome, and its place in society. INTRODUCTION (attention getter) Maya Angelou- “Human beings are more alike than unalike, and what is true anywhere is true everywhere.” Why do we let people’s disabilities, DS to be more specific, effect how we treat people? *Combined 100% of the people in this room have heard of DS, but the majority of people say that they only know a little bit about the subject More than 18 people, in this room know someone personally with DS (my survey) Personally, I dont’ know anyone with DS, but I know of…show more content…
About 400,000 Americans have DS 4. Lifespan 60 years, improved from 25 years in 1983 ( Global DS Foundation) C. Three Types: 1. Trisomy 21 (nondisjuction)- most common type; results in 47 chromosomes due to a replicated 21st 2. Mosaicism- occurs when nondisjunction takes place in all cells . This can result in some cells having 47 and some cells having 46 chromosomes. Accoutn for about 1% of all cases (National Association for DS) 3. Translocation- accounts for 4% of all cases. Part of the 21st chromosome breaks off and attaches to another chromosome (typically the 14th) but the total number remains 46. TRANSITION- Now I will discuss how DS is diagnosed III. DS is diagnosed in many different ways. A. Prenatal Screening & diagnosis 1. Two types- screening and diagnostic. Screening test estimates the risk of DS in a fetus, diagnostic test can tell whether DS is present 2. Diagnostic test are 99% accurate but are associated with miscarriage; screening test are cost effective and easy to perform but there is no definite answer B. The types of
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