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Down Syndrome Placement Essay

  • Submitted by: mendleb
  • on March 14, 2013
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. One of the most common genetic conditions is Down syndrome, or commonly referred to as trisomy 21. This condition takes place at the time of conception, as regular children are born with 46 chromosomes receiving 23 from each parent. Down syndrome children are born with an extra chromosome, chromosome (21). This extra genetic material causes changes in both physical features and developmental delays.   Aside from this there exist health and well-being issues, yet they range depending on the individual. Early intervention is critical for children with Down syndrome and can have major ramifications for success later on in life. Success in life for people with Down syndrome isn’t centered solely on academic achievement but also the development of social skills as children with Down syndrome have communication and social interactive challenges etc. Thus with regard to developing social skills etc., in order to maximize development, which is more beneficial socially, for Down syndrome   children to be placed in an inclusive setting as opposed to a more specialized segregated setting. The hypothesis is that children with Down syndrome benefit more socially when they are placed in an inclusive classroom.
Research Article Critique # 1
Title:   Down syndrome students and their school placement
Authors:   Ashley Gobel
Research question: what is the difference in the academic success rate of placing a child with Down syndrome in a mainstream classroom compared to a special education classroom?
Variables: Independent: Social gains
Dependent:   School setting
Summary of procedure: Evaluate the pros and cons of the mainstream road versus the special education route. The paper lists a number of different difficulties children with special needs have, thus keeping in mind these issues when evaluating either option.
Results:   Results from the several research studies that were conducted conclude that Down syndrome children tend to benefit more in...

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