Down Syndrome Essay

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When I was a child I would watch Sesame Street daily. I grew up with basically and owned so many Elmo products; I had talking Elmo, an Elmo blanket, Elmo’s world videos, etc. I remember almost everything but the segments on disabled beings. This makes me greatly sad and I don’t know how I ever missed these segments considering they seem so good and very educational. I know I grew up in a household where if we were to see a person with a disability, my parents would tell us to have sympathy for them and treat them just like everyone else. However some families totally dismiss anyone with any kind of a disability or are just too busy to explain to their children what a disability is; this is where having your children watch a segment like the ones Emily Kingsley was producing on Sesame Street could be very beneficial. This way your children will understand that disabled children are not different creatures or something totally absurd, they will understand that they are humans too and they should not be treated differently. Even television would avoid the topic of disabled people on public television. It was as if the world did not want to show human flaws, only the perfect were put on television. Emily Kingsley realized this was not right and did what no one had done yet; she brought disabled children and adults on television and had them talk about their disabilities. Emily did not leave anything unsaid; she asked questions that most people avoid. She also had segments where the disabled persons disability would not even be brought it would just be them singing the alphabet or reading a book just like a “normal” person would. Her point was to have young children understand that these kids should not be looked at as different. I really admire what kind of a change Emily made on television and how she brought recognition to these people. This takes courage and she did

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