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Down syndrome Research Paper Down syndrome is the most common genetic disorder among humans. There is no cure for Down syndrome however about one in every seven hundred and twenty three infants are born with this genetic disorder every year. Down syndrome can be described as the most common chromosomal disorder which is onset at birth, causing mental retardation and is often accompanied by an increased frequency in acquired disorders such as hypothyroidism, hearing impairment, and celiac disease. There are several symptoms of Down syndrome. The physical symptoms of someone with Down syndrome are: a flat face with upward slant to their eyes, short neck, abnormally shaped ears, deep creases in the palm of their hands, white spots on the iris of the eye, poor muscle tone, loose ligaments, and small hands and feet. These physical characteristics distinguish people with Down syndrome. The limitations for people with down syndrome are mostly athletic due to their physical handicaps, however since Down syndrome can also lead to mental retardation those with down syndrome may be completely handicapped and not able to participate in athletics. Those who have Down syndrome are eligible to participate in specialized programs such as the Special Olympics where they compete with other people with similar limitations. Genetic qualities of Down syndrome are an extra copy of chromosome 21. This occurrence is referred to as Trisomy 21 ( The overall chance and the prevalence among human infants being born with Trisomy 21are 1 out of 723. However, the percent chance increases in accordance to the age of the biological mother. For instance the chance of a mother who is younger than the age of 25 has a 1 in 1,600 chance of giving birth to a child with Down syndrome. Mothers between the ages of 35 and 39 years of age have a 1 out of 250 chance of giving birth to a baby

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