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Down Loading Illegal Music Essay

  • Submitted by: dmccon
  • on October 19, 2013
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David McCon
Professor Claire Roof
English 111
Meeting Room 2212
Downloading Illegal Music
“People are desperate for answers and thinking on this,” says Zittrain. Adds Fisher, “Almost all of the players in the recorded music industry sense their business is coming apart at the seams.   The film industry –a much larger industry—wants to avoid the same fate.”   Consumers, artists and technology manufacturers also have much to lose.   “There are a lot of people with something at stake in figuring out a solution, “Fisher says.” ( McCardle 1)
If the music industry is suffering as much as they say, it is then they wouldn’t have all the things they have right now.   So I say make them pay for it put a firewall and when they go to download it will say sorry you have to pay for this download do to artist discretion. The music industry does have total control over what’s going on cause Myxer offers free downloads but you also have to pay for music cause I tried downloading from this site and other websites and the websites said the   artist doesn’t offer free downloads anymore do to restrictions at this time. But even if the music industry is suffering why can’t they make it more affordable by offering the music through internet purchase make it part of their subscription.   The music industry could be suffering cause people do download music for free cause they don’t to pay for anything cause they can get it for free so they should make all them pay for downloads by putting restriction on their download apps so people can’t download anything for free cause we all pay for what they do at the end of the year when we fill our taxes so we all suffer for what everybody else is doing.   They can argue that the music industry is suffering but is really you can say in a way it is cause if over a million people download a song that just came out they are losing a lot of money so you can say they are losing money but for every load they get for free people are paying for some...

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