Down With Big Brother Essay

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Throughout human history people have been striving for a government that would function perfectly. Every society has its own government structure. From democratically elected government to a communist one, each structure has its own strengths and weaknesses, but the ultimate goal is to establish a utopian society, whatever that may be. A totalitarian government serves purely the desires of the government and the powerful members of society. Hitler took an outrageous number of lives trying to achieve such a world. The communist and fascist regimes in Russia and Italy did the same, also without much long-term success. George Orwell’s 1984 offers an in-depth exploration of the theme, the dangers of totalitarianism, to truly capture the nature of an oppressive regime by examining the use of psychological, physical and historical manipulation, used by the Party to achieve its ultimate objectives. The total control of information and history is an integral aspect of a totalitarian government. It allows the government to control the general public’s perception of what is the truth. The Party falsifies information with the main purpose of controlling what the citizens see and hear. For example, even though the rations of chocolate had decreased from 30 grams to 20 grams per week, the government claims that as a matter of fact the rations have increased. The state needs to give the citizens a sense of satisfaction that the Party is doing a good job governing the country. Therefore, the citizens will not rebel. As a matter of fact, the central character of the novel, Winston, works for the Records Department. Winston’s job is to rewrite and alter history to fit the Party’s agenda. The fact that Oceania’s alliance changes so quickly from one to another. This is one way in which the Party has to be always right, even if it makes predictions that do not come true. Furthermore,

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