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Dove Market Analysis

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Dove Body Wash- Analysis of Dove body wash
Unilever has long been a trusted company with many brands that are in action at almost every grocery store. One of its most trusted brands is Dove. Dove is a company that has typically focused its products on only women. However in the past few years of the company’s existence, it has worked its way into the men’s sections of grocery stores.   While most of its products are still for women, it has become a company that is plenty friendly to both genders with its gender non-specific and men’s line of body wash.   Its marketing mix is what makes the company successful with its strong P’s: product, price, promotion and place.
The Dove product details are what sets Dove body washes apart from its competitors the most. Dove attempts to create a higher quality body wash than its competitors, and one way they do that is by focusing on the moisturizer in their products. This is true for all of their body washes for men and for women.   Dove’s bottles and advertisements focus on the fact that one quarter of the contents in the body wash is moisturizer. Doves body wash focuses on not harming the skin while also deep cleaning. Their product depth includes a “Deep Moisturizer” body wash with softening cream, “Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash,” and “Go Fresh Nutrium Moisturizer Body Wash” just to name a few.   They promote skin care and most specifically not drying the skin out.   To further push their elevated quality, their body washes containing the nutrium moisturizer advertise phrases such as “proven best care” and “proven most effective natural nourishment” on the bottle. Dove’s emphasis on higher quality allows them to charge higher prices on their products and maintain steady revenue due to costumers who seek quality brands.
Dove’s body washes cost more money than the comparable competitor products. Dove body washes are about two dollars more than most Nivea body washes and about three dollars more than Olay body washes. The higher...

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