Douglass's Slave Narrative Essay

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I have read many accounts of slavery and of slaves, but until Douglass’s narrative I have never read one which was written by a slave or former slave. Not only do we witness the reality of slavery through Douglass’s eyes; but we confirm, what believe to be true, accounts of rape, abuse, murder, and the foul and immoral mistreatment of slaves. Chapter one opened with Douglass’s narration detailing prevalent differences between whites and African Americans. African Americans weren’t even afforded the opportunity to know their birthdays or their ages. Many of them were stripped from their mothers and the identities of their fathers remained unknown. Douglass’s states that he knows the identity of his father; to his knowledge he was his former master. This account gives proof that slaves were raped and impregnated by whites. The opening scenes of Douglass’s narrative provided me with a very unique and vivid experience. Alongside his narration, my thoughts projected scenes. During one distinct scene, my skin quivered and prickled with goose bumps; in my mind the scene played out as follows. The night is cold and damp and the chilling winds from the Chesapeake are dancing on my skin under the shining moon; silently she sings and the wind listens. I am without clothes, except for the one pair of trousers that I have carried for the last three summers. Startled by the sound of master’s voice I awaken to my feet. Intrigued also by the sound of Aunt Hester’s voice, my curiosity leads me to the kitchen. Master is there; fiercely bellowing at a distressed Aunt Hester. His body houses the Devil and his tone is so malevolent and forceful that it commences any man to halt to his feet. There I witness the whipping and ill mistreatment of my Aunt. I am breathless, attempting to not make a sound, for if I am caught, surely I am sure to receive his wrath next. Her

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