Douglas Macarthur's Controversy

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Among his many accomplishments during his life time, Douglas MacArthur may have, arguably, lived some of his most admirable years beginning in 1945 until his death in 1964. It was throughout this time that he added onto his list of triumphs extensive reconstruction plans for Japan after their surrender and North Korea’s containment at the 38th parallel as commander of the United Nations forces. This in addition to his decorated feats in both World War I and II and his efforts to regain control of the Philippines. However, there was some controversy surrounding MacArthur’s facade and his obvious disregard for those advisors and higher authorities who persuaded his actions. After MacArthur’s triumph in the Philippines as Americans watched…show more content…
First and foremost, there was the controversy surrounding his invasion of the Philippines. Many officials believed that such efforts were useless and led to unnecessary bloodshed. However, on the other hand, some believed that this battle helped to end World War II. Next was the controversy surrounding his exoneration of Japanese hierarchies such as Emperor Hirohito from being punished for the attack on Pearl Harbor and, instead, placing the blame on Hideki Tojo. Finally, the largest controversy surrounded his public outcries to invade Japan against the orders of President Truman. Many believe that this would enter the Soviet Union into the war and would instigate a nuclear war. However, others think that the Soviets were not yet done perfecting a nuclear bomb and by hitting them hard early as well as China, that the Cold War as well as communism could have both been diminished. Regardless, it is hard to play Monday-morning quarterback and place yourself in MacArthur’s position on the battlefield. He had a completely different perspective than those officials sitting atop Capitol Hill will watchful eyes on all global situations. Therefore, MacArthur was widely liked in the U.S during the time he was alive and the controversy surrounding his did not truly erupt until after his

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