Doubt: A Parable Essay

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Doubt: A Parable Doubt: A Parable is a multifaceted play as complex as the emotion of doubt itself. Doubt as an emotion is the very nature of internal conflict, an emotion defined by ambiguity and uncertainty, a thought or a gut feeling that can challenge rational judgments and ability to make clear boundaries and decisions. A parable is a story that highlights the correct moral paths or religious concepts for a particular community. The parable of doubt is weaved in both faith and rationality in this play. The significance of the title is relative to the equal in-between state that marks the two main characters of Father Brendan Flynn and Sister Aloysius. Although based on real events, Doubt is a work of fiction, purposely constructed to make the viewer/reader think critically on the issue of moral ambiguity, most especially in the Catholic community. The play takes place in a time passed decades ago, in 1964, as if to lend a certain 21st century perspective on a time in America where change was rapidly taking place, and wherever there is change there is doubt as the chaotic new gives way to the traditional old. America’s ideals and images are changing as we see the birth of the Civil Rights Act, television reports of what is happening in Vietnam, and the aftermath of the JFK assassination. America as well as the Catholic Church is changing as it heads towards a millennial era. John Patrick Shanley constructs two main characters that can be difficult even to categorize as “protagonist” and “antagonist”. Who is really the character we root for? Who is really the character we want to see fail? The only thing we can be certain of is that actions define a character, but in Doubt, we’re only given certain clues to Father Flynn’s character through his actions. The way Shanley showcases his character is through his sermons, his interactions with Sister Aloysius, and

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