Doubling Conviction Essay

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Is this a good or bad bill? The only benefit I can see from this bill is getting these criminals off the street. Regardless if the bill is passed or not, an individual will still serve some type of sentence for committing an armed robbery. Doubling the term will make them serve a longer sentence which means more time not committing any crimes excluding crimes in prison. Society is safer but not these prisons and jails. These criminals are going to go right to prison, fight, have wars and kill each other. That is a whole other problem in itself. Additionally, Correctional officers are more at risk for danger because they must monitor all of these Inmates. More stress, chaos, and contact among inmates and staff. I believe this is a bad bill because of the increase in expenses. It is about $25,000 dollars to house one inmate per year. Just think about how much it will cost Government officials to house beyond over populated prisons. For example, if the maximum prison term for armed robbery is 15 years and that conviction is doubled, the city has to pay for an extra 15 years of housing to inmates. That would be over $300,000 just for one inmate. This is one of the reasons we are so broke now. Another reason why I feel this is a bad bill is because I don’t think this idea will deter the rate of this crime. Minorities or bums are more likely to commit these crimes. Minorities because they are just thinking in moment. For example, a 17 year old, would more than likely, not think about the consequences of his actions before committing a crime. If his intent is to get money or drugs that’s what his main focus is going to be on. Coming up! And not getting caught. Bums because, a lot of times, there robbing for survival but don’t mind going to prison. Has probably been to prison and feel more comfortable there. No out of pocket money for food, a bed and shelter that’s

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