Doubling and Disguse in the Importance of Being Earnest as English

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Doubling and use of disguise are the heart of the comedy produced in The Importance of being Earnest. Do you agree that the comedy is mainly created through the use of doubling and disguise? In this essay, I will discuss how Wilde uses doubling and disguise as the heart of the comedy, created through a sense of humour and fun. Wilde introduces disguise and doubling to present to the audience to show that the comedy can be silly and hilarious. The play is a comic play in which doubling and disguise creates confusion to the characters. Disguise and doubling is the main plot of the comedy. Wilde uses dramatic irony in the play as the audience know that the characters are acting and in disguise. Comedy is created through disguise and doubling to create false identities for the characters as they find themselves in situations that are difficult to get out of. I will also assess Wilde’s use of language to convey his own beliefs on doubling, disguise, marriage and inversion through characters in the play. In the play, Wilde creates confusion and false identities with the character of Algernon and Jack. He presents Jack with a double life pretending to be Ernest in town. He also, presents Algernon with a double life as Ernest who pretends to have a friend called Bunbury. The use of doubling with both men creates confusion because they have similar attitudes toward their false name, Ernest. The doubling creates dramatic irony because the audience knows the men are living double lives so that they can escape from their homes. Jack and Algernon present false identities enable them to engage women they love. Jack stated that “you don’t mean to say that couldn’t love me if my name wasn’t Earnest”. This suggests and indicates to us that Jack knows he cannot be loved if his name is not Earnest, which is evident by asking Gwendolen if she loves him with

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