Double Standards Essay

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Double Standards As a child I always noticed I am treated very differently from my brothers. I am babied. I am daddy’s little princess. If you saw my dad when I was younger most likely I trailed behind him, fighting for his attention (I was a very jealous girl). To me having this type relationship with my father was a great thing, I got to pick what we ate for dinner, I got all the treats I wanted, and my father was always on my side with the arguments that occurred between my brothers and I. But then I became a teenager. I am still daddy’s girl but I want my freedom, I want to go out with my friends, I want to go out on dates and most of all I want to be treated like my brothers. My brothers are able to go out anytime, anywhere, for how…show more content…
(Slowly take your foot of the brake, and then give the car gas) He then continued to show me the motions of how to slow down when turning a curve, how much the wheel to turn and how to stay in one section of the road. He made sure to emphasize the importance of safe driving to me because “if god forbid I got hurt”. The car was coming up to a turn; I felt that this was my chance to prove that I could handle myself in a car; I relaxed my muscles, braced my hand on the steering wheel and kept my eyes on the road. As I made the turn I saw that a red light was up ahead with a couple of cars that had already stopped. When stopping a car, it has to be done slowly so as not to create that unpleasant jerking motion. This was my plan, which I had under control going down the steep hill. Apparently I was slowing down just a bit too slow for my father because of his next actions. “PRISCILLA FRENA EL COCHE” he screamed in my ear. He grabbed the safety handle as if I was going 60 mph when it was actually just 25 mph. (Priscilla stop the

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