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Double Identity By: Margaret Peterson Haddix Double Identity, by Margaret Peterson Haddix, is the story of a 12 year old girl named Bethany Cole, who was never out of her parent’s sights growing up, and is now sent to live with her aunt Myrlie, whom Bethany has never even met. She is to stay with Myrlie until she is “safe” again. Bethany Cole was living a normal life until her parents, Walter and Hilary, loaded her into their car at midnight and took her hours away from their home in Pennsylvania. They reached Sanderfield, Illinois, where Bethany was introduced to her aunt Myrlie Wilkers, whom Bethany had never met. While Bethany’s dad talked to Myrlie, Bethany overheard her father say “She doesn’t know anything about Elizabeth.” Bethany realized that her parents were abandoning her without an explanation, but she begrudgingly settled in. Myrlie showed Bethany the way to her room for her grandchildren that had never been used. Myrlie then took Bethany back downstairs, where she correctly guessed all of Bethany’s favorite foods. The next day, Bethany told Myrlie that she is a swimmer, so Myrlie took her to the YMCA to swim. While they were there, one of Myrlie’s friends noticed Bethany and mentioned that she thought she was Elizabeth. This sparked Bethany’s interest enough that she wanted to know more about who Elizabeth is. When she and Myrlie came back to the house, Bethany retreated upstairs to change into her clothes. When she came back downstairs, she overheard Myrlie on the phone asking permission from Walter to allow her to tell Bethany who Elizabeth was. Bethany then stormed into the kitchen and confronted her. Myrlie said that she promised Walter that she wouldn’t tell, although she wanted to. The next day, Walter called early in the morning. When Bethany asked who Elizabeth was, he asked her to put Myrlie on the phone. When Myrlie

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